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11 Movies To Watch On Netflix Right Now

I’m a huge Netflix fan. Like huge. Whenever anything new comes out, you could say that I am probably one of the firsts to watch it. I am a terrible procrastinator and Netflix is a fantastic way to procrastinate. A lot of people struggle to find something to watch, simply because there is so much choice available to us. I thought I’d make your lives a little easier with this tried and tested round up of 11 movies to watch on Netflix when you have no clue what to watch…

  1. The Kissing Booth

Based on the book, this is a coming of age film about having your first kiss that leads to a forbidden romance. Why are they off limits? Because… he’s your best friend’s brother. Elle has to decide whether she risks her relationship with her best friend by breaking one of their most important rules, or pursuing her long-term crush, who happens to be the hottest guy in school. This is an easy, chilled, and funny film, I may have watched it more than once (ok THREE times). If you’re after a feel good, happy-go-lucky film then this is definitely for you.

2. Rip Tide

An Australian teen drama where Cora, escapes to Australia to live with her aunt, Margot, after an embarrassing viral video damages her modelling career. Finding it hard to live up to her mother’s expectations, Cora uses the opportunity of escape to pursue her other passions and rediscover herself. Margot, is facing difficulties of her own and their time together becomes a learning experience for them both. It’s a story about following your dreams, being brave and taking chances, with a smidge of romance thrown in. It’s a familiar coming-of-age story, but a good watch for an easy, chilled-out evening.

3. Set It Up

This film sees two assistants who desperately need to catch a break from work, team up to match make their bosses. Featuring Zoey Deutch (a personal favourite of mine), this is a modern take on the rom-com genre. Through the trials and trickery of the “set up”, it’s no surprise, with their insane chemistry, the assistants fall in love themselves. With slapstick comedy and heavy on the flirting side, this film is one that looks to rejuvenate the rom-com genre. Grab your popcorn, pop your feet up and prepare to cringe and laugh out loud!

4. Miracles From Heaven

This heartfelt and emotional family feature will leave you with tears of joy and sadness. After her daughter, Anna, is diagnosed with an incurable disease, Christy relentlessly searches for a way to save her, until one day their prayers are answered after a freak accident. When she wakes, Anna tells an amazing story of her visit to heaven and explains God said she would be cured. She baffles her family and doctors as she begins to show signs of recovery. Based on the incredible true story of the Beam family, this inspiring movie gives you all the feels, be warned it’s a tear jerker! So have the tissues on hand.

5. Before I Fall

February 12 is just another day in Sam’s life, until it turns out to be her last. Stuck re-living the events of her final day over and over, she begins to unravel the mystery around her death and whether her life was as perfect as it seemed. She realises the power a single day can make to both her own life and those around her. Can she do enough to make a difference before time runs out? There’s something about the way this movie is set or directed that really helps you to capture the struggle between Sam’s life and death. This is a sad, but beautiful movie, likely to leave your questioning your own interactions with others.

6. Brain On Fire

Based on the memoir of Susannah Cahalan, this film brings the reality of a harrowing medical condition to light. Susannah is an up and coming journalist for the New York Post. As she begins to hear voices and lose periods of time, she realises something is seriously wrong. As the weeks progress, so do her symptoms, with doctors and colleagues simply putting it down to stress. Her, what appears as insanity, takes a violent escalation progressing into catatonia, with nobody able to figure what’s wrong. A last minute intervention enables her to finally get a diagnosis and slowly begin rebuilding her life. This ones a slow-goer but once you get into it, it’s a really interesting story, that’s quite shocking how an unknown disease can creep up on you.

7. To All The Boys I Loved Before

This young adult romance movie is based on the book by Jenny Han. It’s the sweetest, cutest, most addictive movie and is guaranteed to leave a smile on your face. Most likely you’ll end up wanting to watch it again, which I’m seriously contemplating! In short it’s fake-dating story that ends up in, you guessed it, true love. Lara-Jean writes a letter to each of her crushes whilst in the midst of her romance to remember the emotions she felt. Somehow the letters end up getting mailed to her crushes, one of whom happens to be her sisters ex-boyfriend. She agrees to fake-date Peter Kavinsky (a past crush) to get over her current crush, whilst Peter wants to make his ex-girlfriend jealous. Despite their best-laid plans, their banter and quirkiness turns their feelings into something all too real. This is the perfect stay at home on a Friday night, chick-flick, guaranteed to leave you feeling positively happy!

8. Ibiza

Harper is a single, 30-something New Yorker who is sent off to Spain for a business trip. When she tells her two best friends’, they declare they’re coming along, whether she likes it or not. The trip turns into a night of partying and an encounter with a hot DJ, leads Harper to question whether to follow her heart, as he jets off to Ibiza. Despite work commitments, she decides to pursue what could be the man of her dreams, friends in tow. This is a hilarious, fun, girl’s trip film, with several things I’m sure a few would admit to having gotten up to with their friends. If you want an easy to watch, embarrassingly cringey but hilarious film that you can relate to, then this is your jam.

9. #RealityHigh

High-achieving high-schooler Dani, hopes to get accepted into the veterinary college of her dreams when she catches the attention of her long-time crush. Pursuing him means getting caught in the cross-hairs of his social media celebrity ex. As she is drawn into the glamourous Southern California scene, she risks threatening everything she’s worked for. Does she jeopardise her future and losing herself to get the guy and become popular? This is a modern spin on Mean Girl’s for the digital age. Highlighting the very real impact social media can have on teenagers and the challenges they can face at school. With its quippy sarcasm and modern day teenage drama it’s an easy watch, reminding you to stay true to yourself.

10. When We First Met

Yes, yes another romcom, but what can I say, I’m a sucker for romcoms, and this one doesn’t disappoint. Noah (Adam DeVine) has the perfect first night with Avery, the girl of his dreams (Alexandra Daddario). Somehow, the night didn’t go to plan as he ends up relegated to the friend zone. Over the next three years he spends his time trying to figure out where he went wrong – until he stumbles upon a photo booth that gives him the ability to travel back in time to rewrite that night over and over again. If you know your romcom stuff, you’ll figure out early on Noah’s mistake, but the journey is definitely worth it with it’s twists and turns and heartfelt moments.

11. Sierra Burgess is a Big Loser

One of Netflix’s most recent releases, and you guessed it another teen rom-com, but stick with me. The story focuses on Sierra an intelligent teen who is the definition of average. In a case of mistaken identity, she receives a text from the high-school quarterback, Jamey. Sierra knows she should tell him who she really is, but he text her first, so she texts him back. The texts result in an unexpected romance, that means Sierra must enlist the help of the enemy (the popular girl) in order to win her crush. But how long can you sustain a romance based on fake names and appearances? This film carries a key message, Sierra Burgess is most definitely not a loser. Instead she’s recognised for her intelligence and character rather than superficial qualities. Highlighting that in today’s society that women, regardless of their age, shouldn’t let society judge them based on how pretty, young and thin they look.

There you have 11 Netflix films all viewed and approved by me! So next time your stuck for something to watch, why not give one of these a go, you might just find a hidden gem.


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2 responses to “11 Movies To Watch On Netflix Right Now”

  1. Kathryn says:

    What a great list of movies. Will definitely be watching them sooner than later now. Thanks for sharing.!

  2. Nickesha says:

    I’ve probably only watched 1 show on Netflix before lol but my sister and I are planning a movie night so will definitely check out a couple of these!

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