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20 Random Facts About Me

I thought it might be quite nice for you guys and gals to get to know me a bit better and when I was tagged by Hannah from Millennial Talks to do a 20 Random Facts About Me post, it seemed like the perfect idea to share a bit more of me behind the scenes. Also don’t forget to go and check out her blog, she’s a millennial blogger, like myself, and covers all things blog, lifestyle and travel related.

I love a good quiz/ questionnaire, and used to love doing the ones they featured in magazines (which doesn’t seem to happen so much anymore). So here goes with my answers… enjoy!

1.When was the last time you cried?

On Wednesday morning, I had a blood test and the nurse struggled to find a vein (mine are quite deep and I always have this issue). Anyway I ended up being used as a human pin cushion and one of the attempts was towards my actual elbow bone and was sooooo painful, I cried on the way to work because the pain after hurt so much!

2. If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself?

Yes, I’d like to think so. I’m kind, understanding, supportive, honest and truthful, qualities I know I like in people I surround myself with.

3. Do you use sarcasm a lot?

Is that a joke 😂? Erm, you could say that, I have a tendency to be very sarcastic.

4. What’s the first thing you notice about people?

Their smile. You can normally tell how genuine a person is by the way they smile.

5. Scary movie or happy endings?

Hands down happy endings. I’m a sucker for a good happy ending, but I like to know all the deets so I love when they fast forward and do the whole happily married with kids thing. You cannot beat a rom-com!

6. Favourite smells?

I love essential oils, lime, basil and mandarin scented anything, coconut, anything vanilla or amber and my favouite is the log wood fire candles from Muji.

7. What’s the furthest you’ve ever been away from home?

I went to Canada once, a long time ago, and I was still quite young, I think only around 18/19. I went for two weeks and the time difference made it awkward to call home at times.

8. Do you have any special talents?

I wouldn’t say I have any special talents, but I am a quick learner so pick things up quickly.

9. Where were you born?

Cambridge in England.

10. What are your hobbies?

Anything creative. I love cooking, photography, blogging (obvs!), working out and I love escaping with a good book.

11. What did you want to be when you were growing up?

Oh god, it changed so often and some of them were super focused. I know I got a pet rescue set when I was about 6 and decided I wanted to be a vet, until I realised that meant opening animals up and operating on them and was like hell no. Then at secondary school I wanted to be a French journalist living in southern France wandering markets on weekends (told ya it was specific). Then it changed to just a journalist. When I left school, I got a job in admin and kind of lost my way for a while. I’m still not 100% zeroed in on what I want to do but I know I love being creative and I love writing so that’s a start.

12. How many countries have you ever been to?

Well I’ve been to various places in France and Spain a  bunch of times. I mentioned I went to Canada. I’ve also been to Portugal, Andorra (snowboarding), and Tenerife. I haven’t done a whole lot of travelling and over the next couple of years I really want to do New York and Australia.

13. What was your favourite and worst subject at school?

Favourite: English, Art and languages

Worst: Math and PE – especially when it came to cross country, kill me now!

14. What is your favourite drink?

I love a good vegan, dairy free milkshake or Turmeric Latte.

15. What would you (or have you) named your kids?

I don’t have kids at the moment, but plan to in the future. We’ve gone through a few names we like but then we fall out of love with them. So at the moment we don’t have any specific names, I just know I’d like one of each at least, a boy and a girl.

16. Who are your favourite YouTubers?

Obvs Sarah’s Day – an Australian health and fitness YouTuber. I’m slightly obsessed with her and pretty much love everything she does.

I also love Krissy Cela – another health and fitness YouTuber. I get some great ideas for workouts from her.

17. How many boyfriends/ girlfriends have you had?

4… I think.

18. Favourite memory from my childhood?

This is a hard one… there’s so many. I would say generally just the family holidays we used to take in summer down in the South of France. Those two weeks there every year were amazing, I made so many friends and loved exploring the campsite and running wild.

19. How would you describe your fashion sense?

Oh god, I think this is the worst question. I don’t really know if I have “fashion sense” (lol). I like being comfy so am often in active wear or like sports luxe clothing. Otherwise if I have to narrow it down I would say my vibes are quite boho-y/ minimalistic.

20. Tell us one of your bad habits?

Bailing out of social plans (sorry if I’ve ever done this to you – it’s not personal). I say yes to start with and then when it comes to it the idea makes me feel sick and to be honest I’m a baby grandma and would prefer to stay at home. I told you I was honest!

Phew! Done! That wasn’t too bad/ painful. There you go you have a little insight into my life and the workings of my brain with these 20 Random Facts About Me. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and getting to know me a little better, it was kind of fun to share more of my life and I actually quite enjoyed answering these questions.

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