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New Year, New Beginnings: Hello 2019!

Hello, hello, it’s been a minute. I’m slightly late to the party welcoming you all in to 2019, but late schmate. Happy New Year! How’s yours gone so far? Underwhelming? Mine too. That is why I wanted to give you a little reassurance, update and plans for the future…

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The build up to a new year can be overwhelming at best. Everyone attempts to make resolutions, that they are definitely going to stick to this year. You may have seen on Instagram and Facebook people’s year in highlights and the epic things they had done/ achieved.

This was an end of year rite I didn’t feel the need to take part in. Yes, there were many things I achieved or completed last year, but equally there were lows too. People weren’t recognising these lows or realising the impact to others by only showing the good stuff.

You may have also seen the rounds of the 10 year challenge. Comparing a recent picture of yourself to that of 10 years ago, something I also won’t be taking part in. I am not against people doing it, as long as it’s with appreciation to see how far you’ve come. But people are using it to tear themselves down, commenting on how thin/ fat they were or how bad their makeup or fashion sense was. But you had to be that person to be the amazing and wonderful person that you are today. Without those struggles or learnings, who would you be?

There’s enough pressure with a new year and vowing to make this one different without the pressure of social media comparative “challenges”. Why can’t we focus more on loving ourselves, sharing the reality of our day-to-day lives, the wins as well as the struggles, giving a more well rounded view to social media.

This leads me nicely on to my focus for this blog. Towards the end of last year I struggled with a sense of direction for this blog (which you can see in the eclectic range of posts). Which is why I needed to step back and decide what was the meaning behind all of this.

Now I have some clarity, what can you expect? For starters there’s going to be a heavy emphasis of self-love, personal development and a shit tonne of reality. I am your everyday average girl, working a 9-5, hustling on the side, working towards a degree, trying to keep fit and eat healthy. This is exactly what you’re going to see. No fake-shit! Just real-life everyday struggles.

This is the year I am going to truly step into myself and be confident and happy in who I am. Along the way I’ll share my tips and advice with you all so we can work through it together.

Here’s to a new year! May it be our best one yet. Cheers!

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